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After a storm, a tree in your yard could have been damaged beyond repair, or a majority of the branches may be gone. If you’ve done trimming yourself but have an ugly stump left, you can reach out to Mike Roma Tree Services for stump grinding and more from a team of certified arborists.

Stump grinding removes the remaining tree up to eight inches below the soil to allow for full coverage over the top of the remaining roots. The tree will not grow back, and you’ll have a fresh space of open land to use for gardening or other landscaping ideas. Tree stump removal is the best way to fully remove the remnants of a tree and keep your yard safe during mowing or other maintenance tasks.

Our staff is happy to provide emergency tree removal services after a storm. We can come out and do an assessment to give you an estimate on what it will take to clean up, including stump removal cost, branch trimming, and any other tree services you may need.

You may look at many other places for stump grinding in Harwich, MA, but the team at Mike Roma Tree Service is fully licensed and insured to perform any type of tree service you could need. We’re also certified arborists, so we can identify tree type. If you decide on a simple trim, we can offer tips on how to maintain it for a healthy-looking, vibrant tree that provides shade, shelter, and other aesthetics to your yard.

For more information on all of our tree services, make an appointment for an estimate on stump grinding, tree pruning, or full tree removal from the experts at Mike Roma Tree Service in Harwich, MA.

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