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Tree Removal

Tree Removal | Mike Roma Tree Service | Harwich, MA | 5082923034

While the goal at Mike Roma Tree Service is preservation and increased health of trees, sometimes tree removal cannot be avoided. In this case, we’re still the ones you turn to for high quality, fully licensed and insured services throughout mid- and lower Cape Cod.

Tree removal is warranted when a tree is infested with parasites or insects, sickened with an illness, or has been damaged beyond repair. Often this damage comes after a storm, and hazardous tree removal becomes urgent. For this reason, we’re open 7 days per week for consultations, but we are also available for emergency services after a storm has been through the area.

During storm damage tree removal, we’ll do our best to preserve as much of the tree as you desire. Our staff takes all precautions during tree cutting, and whatever we do cut away will be hauled away to leave you with a clean, safe yard that you can enjoy once again.

Other than after storm damage, if you simply have a tree in a tight spot or one that’s growing badly, we’re glad to help you out with tree cutting services. Using our bucket truck, we can cut from the top all the way down and even grind away the stump and clear away all debris. We promise to leave your yard clean and ready for any landscaping plans you have in mind. Stop in for an estimate on tree removal in Harwich, MA from the professionals at Mike Roma Tree Service.

We’re available from 8:00AM to 5:00PM 7 days per week.

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